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Drafting Chair with Wheels Ergonomic Studio Chair with Adjustable Footrest 2 Colors


Introducing our extra-large drafting stool chair, designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support. The curved cushion seat is fully padded with high-density soft sponge, while the wider and higher backrest allows you to sit more comfortably and relax. The seat is upholstered in durable and easy-to-clean PU leather that is resistant to wear and wrinkles.

With an adjustable height range of 50.8 to 71.1 cm, this drafting stool chair is versatile enough to accommodate a range of working heights. The gas rod is certified by SGS, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, the adjustable backrest tilt allows you to find the perfect position for your comfort.

Constructed with a high-duty stainless steel lift mechanism, this home office chair is capable of holding up to 150 kg while ensuring stability and durability. The larger, one-piece stainless steel base is designed for maximum load-bearing capacity and reduced tipping risk. The fully plated stainless steel foot ring is also adjustable in height, ensuring comfortable sitting positions for extended periods.

The rolling stool chair is equipped with five metal wheel castors that allow you to move smoothly and effortlessly across the floor, with a 360-degree swivel for added convenience. The unique open line design gives this adjustable round rolling stool a modern style that is suitable for a range of workplaces, such as studios, spas, tattoo shops, dental clinics, hospitals, libraries, bars, kitchens, and homes.

Upgrade your workspace with our comfortable and stylish drafting stool chair, designed for maximum comfort and functionality.

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