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HomeMiYN Pull-out Movie Video Phone Amplifier Screen Phone Projector for All Smartphones

$25.00 $42.00

Introducing the latest mobile phone accessory, the Screen Magnifier, designed to enhance your viewing experience to the fullest. Using high-definition zoom optical technology, this magnifier is able to enlarge the screen display of your mobile phone up to 3-5 times, providing you with better visuals and an enhanced experience.

Crafted with the latest style, the Screen Magnifier features a pull-out magnifying glass, which not only prevents screen scratching, but also makes your mobile phone screen bigger and more dynamic, for your ultimate viewing pleasure. This product is designed to be easy to use and carry, with a lightweight and ultra-thin design that allows it to be folded for maximum portability.

The 3D HD Screen Amplifier is another feature of this product, which offers HD vision and radiation protection, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience without causing any visual fatigue. Its 3D visual enjoyment makes it the perfect accessory for movie lovers, as it works just like a phone projector screen, effectively doubling the size of your screen.

The Screen Magnifier is compatible with all Smartphone models, making it an ideal gift for family members or significant others. With this product, you can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience and take your smartphone entertainment to the next level.

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